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February 27, 2009

The Builders and Workers
of Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village

Research by Richard Guy Wilson


Tasks and individuals, including slaves

The following list gives some idea of the magnitude of the various tasks and the individuals involved. The names are assembled from various sources including records kept by the Proctor. After their name is their role, when it could be determined, with quotation marks indicating an identification in the Proctor’s records.

Beyond the description of the jobs they performed, very little is known about these people. We believe that some worked on other projects in Virginia and are interested in knowing more about them. To help us locate more information, please upload your stories or documents here.

Tasks and individuals, including slaves

Abile – Crenshaw  |  Dangerfield – Guthery  |  Hardin – Lindsay  |  Madison – Nunn  |
Oldham -Sturtevant  |  Thacher – Zigler

  • Abile, J. S.
  • Abner, T.
  • Anderson, Edward—Provides Nova Scotia plaster from Richmond
  • Antrim, Joseph—”Plasterer”
  • Appleton, Thomas—Provided 1,400 marble squares for Rotunda paving
  • Arthur, B. and Co.—Provided “slaves”, also “sash weights”
  • Babi, S.
  • Bailey, Lewis—Ditching for pipes
  • Baily, Temple
  • Bargamin, Anthony—Puts on covering of Rotunda’s roof, had previously covered the dome of Richmond’s City Hall
  • Barksdale, Nelson—Provided lumber including flooring planks
  • Barnett, William—"Laborer"
  • Bassett, H.—"In charge of laborers"
  • Baylor, David—Wagoner for John Van Lew & Co.
  • Billy—"Negro"
  • Bishop, J. T.
  • Bishop, John—Wagoner, hauled lumber for Ware
  • Black, James
  • Blackburn, Thomas—Carpentry, Western Range
  • Blackford, Arthur and Co.
  • Blackford, Benjamin—Large numbers of “large sash weights” from Isabella Furnace
  • Boin, William
  • Boxley, P.—Provided "Negroes"
  • Bowen, William—Delivered shingles
  • Brackenbrough, Jr., Dr. John—Proctors brother, arranges for Warwick to sell Copper at 26 cents per pound instead of 35 cents per pound and contracts Anthony Bargamin
  • Braham, N.
  • Brand, Chiles—White washing rooms, laborer
  • Brockenbough and Hume—Provided hardware
  • Brooks, A. H.—Supplier of "tin" for pipes and roofs
  • Brooks, Robert
  • Brown, Mathew—"Brickmason," worked on Pavilion III
  • Campbell, James—Stone cutter employed by John Gorman, also laid stone foundations for serpentine garden walls and area wall around one of hotels
  • Campbell, Samuel—Stonemason employed by John Gorman
  • Carter, Curtis—"Brickmason," manufactured bricks in Richmond, worked on Pavilions I, IV, IX, Hotel A with Phillips
  • Carter, John
  • Carter, Lewis S.—Plasterer and painter for Observatory built by William Leitch and Samuel Campbell
  • Cason, Robert—Wagoner for John Van Lew & Co.
  • Chamberlain, Nathaniel—"Brickmason" and made bricks, worked on Rotunda with Thorn
  • Childs, H.
  • Chisholm, Hugh—"Brick worker", worked on Pavilion III
  • Christian—Wagoner, transported tin plates for additional coverings of dome of Rotunda from Daniel Warwick
  • Clarke, J. S.
  • Cline, George—Wagoner for John Van Lew & Co.
  • Coffee, William J.—Oramental plasterer from New York, made much of the details.
  • Conway, Thomas B.—Provided/ships "stone" from Luther George and a quarry in Richmond
  • Cooper, Thomas—Plasterer on Pavilion III
  • Cosby, Dabney—"Brickmason"
  • Cowden, Joseph—Stone cutter
  • Craddock, John—Wagoner from Richmond for John Van Lew & Co.
  • Croft, Jacob—Wagoner from Shenandoah Valley, delivers 25 boxes of tin for D.W.&C. Warrick
  • Craven, John H.—Provided "lumber"
  • Crawford, Malcolm F.—Carpenter, provided contract for large number of wooden shutters for doors and windows of buildings
  • Crenshaw, William—Wagoner, delivers 19 boxes of window glass for Rotunda from Boston Class Manufactory’s new agent Thomas May
  • Cullen, John—"Stone contractor"
  • Dangerfield, William
  • Davis, D.—"Blacksmith, dressed tools for sculptors"
  • Dawson, Allan
  • Dick—"Negro"
  • Deitrick, William—Wagoner from Richmond for John Van Lew & Co.
  • Diggs, George P.
  • Dinsmore, James—"Master carpenter" did much of ornamental woodwork, born in Ireland, worked on Pavilion III, V, VIII and also Rotunda and Anatomical Theatre
  • Dobbs, M.—Worked on plumbing and made "pipes"
  • Dold, J.
  • Donaghue, William
  • Dowell,—"Raising of stone"
  • Draffin, Thomas—Provided "lumber" from Albemarle County, delivers sash pulleys
  • Dudley,—"Shingles"
  • Duke, Robert and J.—"Carpenters"
  • Eads, P.
  • Estes, William—Wagoner from Richmond
  • Fauver, Jacob—Wagoner for John Van Lew & Co.
  • Flanagan, Ambrose—provided "lumber, Roman cement"
  • Fowler,
  • Fowley, D.
  • Fray, Aaron—May have worked with Elijah Huffman in laying wooden piping
  • Fretwile, G.
  • Galeano, E.
  • Gallard, E.
  • Gardner,—Provided "shingles"
  • Garrett, Alexander—Bursar
  • Garth, Garland—Provided "lumber"
  • Garth, Jesse—Provided 1,898 ft. of lumber for Pavilion I and adjacent dormitories
  • Garth, Thomas
  • Garth, William
  • Garth, Willis
  • Gentry, Robert—"Stone hanging; hauling logs"
  • George, L. M.—"Stone"
  • Gibson, J.
  • Gleason, Michael—"Stone mason; quarrier"
  • Glenn, John—Hired by Blackford, Arthur & Co. to deliver “small Franklin stoves” for Pavilions I, II, IV, V, and sash weights
  • Gooch, D.
  • Gooch, J. W.
  • Goodman, Samuel
  • Gorman, John—"Stone mason" from Lynchburg, carved much of ornamental stonework; born in Ireland
  • Guthery, James—Provided "hardware—nails"
  • Guthery, William
  • Hardin, H.
  • Harner, Jacob—Wagoner for John Van Lew & Co.
  • Harper, C.
  • Harper, E.
  • Harris, Jacob
  • Harrison, James—“Overlooker of the laborers,” overseer of slaves
  • Harrow, J.
  • Brockenbrough & Harvie—Richmond merchants, provided 14 casks of nails and other materials
  • Haskell,
  • Hawkins, Allen
  • Hawley, Abram
  • Herron, James—"Overseer" of slaves; his wife "made Negroes’ clothes"
  • Holley, A.
  • Hollyman, Samuel—Hired by Blackford, Arthur & Co. to deliver “small Franklin stoves” for Pavilions I, II, IV, V, and sash weights
  • Hudson,—Supplied "rope"
  • Huffman, Elijah—Laid wooden pipe, “boring &laying water pipes”
  • Humphreys, William
  • Hutchins, J.
  • Irvin, D.
  • Irving, G. N.
  • Isaac—Laborer of William B. Phillips, laid bricks for cistern
  • Isaacs, D.
  • Jack—"Waggoner"
  • Jackson, Thomas—Wagoner, hauled supplies for John Van Lew & Co.
  • James Brown
  • Jamison, Andrew—Wagoner hauled for John Van Lew & Co. from Richmond
  • Jerry—Laborer of William B. Phillips, laid bricks for cistern
  • John—"Negro"
  • Johnson, A.
  • Bramham & Jones—Merchants, provided general merchandise in use of building
  • Jones, Sarah D.—Makes clothing for slaves
  • Jones, Thomas
  • Jones, William
  • Kennedy, John—Plasterer and painter for Observatory built by William Leitch and Samuel Campbell
  • Kerris, J.
  • Kingsolving, G. W.—Assisted the Raggi brothers
  • Kirby, James
  • Knight, David—"Brickmason" worked on Pavilion III
  • Koiner, Phillip—"Wagonner" from Shenandoah Valley
  • Lacey, D. N.
  • Lahy, M.—"Stone quarrying"
  • Lasbot, Louis
  • Laporte, P.
  • Lawber, Edward—From Philadelphia, painting and glazing
  • Lear, John
  • Leitch, James
  • Leitch, Joseph
  • Leitch, Samuel
  • Leitch, William—From Charlottesville, ironmongery supply
  • Leonard, Uriah—"Blacksmith"
  • Lewes, A. H.
  • Lewis, Jesse—"Smithy"
  • Lindsay, Robert—Provided "timber"
  • Madison.
  • Massie, J.
  • Mathes, J.
  • Maverick, Peter—From Newark, NJ. Engraved proof plate of Jefferson’s drawings given to him by William John Coffee
  • May, Thomas—Boston Glass Manufactory’s new agent handling the University’s orders
  • Mayo, John
  • McColloch, N.
  • McCulloch, Robert—"Timber"
  • McKay, Angus—Assisted Lawber in "glazing, painting"
  • McShane & Company—Baltimore company which cast replacement bell for Rotunda in 1886 after the original bell was cracked in a student prank.
  • McSparran, Erasmus N.
  • Megginson, William—Paid for batteau transportation on the James with Peter Rutherford
  • Merrieweather, W. D.—"Lumber"
  • Meyers, Jasper—Deliver of casks, copper and shovels for John Van Lew & Co.
  • Meyers, Peter—Brickwork Pavilion V
  • Miller, Thomas
  • Milliway, George—Hauling timber
  • Minor, P.—"Waggonage"
  • Mitchell, William—From Orange County, provided "lumber"
  • Mitchie, Jonathan—"Lumber"
  • Modena, F.
  • Mohler, Jacob—Wagoner, delivers Boston Crown Glass from Andrew Smith (rep for Boston Glass Manufactory) along with paint and whiting
  • Monroe, James
  • Mooney, William
  • Moore, Ben
  • Moore, Isaac
  • Morton, Thomas
  • Munday, Walker—"Overseer"
  • Ned and Dick
  • Negris, Paul
  • Neilson, John—Born in Ireland, master woodworker, assisted on Rotunda, Anatomical Theatre, pavilions, and dormitories
  • Nelson—"Negro"
  • Norris, D.
  • Norris, Opie
  • Nunce—"Hired Negroes" "lumber"
  • Nunn, John—Provided Negroes
  • Oldham, James—"Carpenter" and woodworker
  • Owens, David—From Albemarle County, provided "lumber"
  • Owens, Mr.—Advises Jefferson on the proper way to lay roads in according to the Scottish road surveyors method John Loudon McAdam from New York
  • Page Carter B.—Provides screws and Russian hemp for window sashes.
  • Patterson, John
  • Paul, Hugh
  • Peck, Lyman—"Carpenter"
  • Peck and Crawford
  • Pendleton, Hembro—Wagoner, hauled supplies for John Van Lew & Co
  • Perry, John M.—Contractor, master brickmason, provided bricks, and lumber, plastering, worked on Rotunda, most pavilions, hotels, dormitories, serpentine walls
  • Perryman, A. P.
  • Peyton, Bernard—Managed University’s bills of exchange and arranged for tar to be shipped from Richmond
  • Phillips, William B.—Contractor from Richmond with Curtis Carter, "master builder" "brickmason", supplied bricks, worked on Pavilion I, IX, hotels, dormitories, serpentine walls
  • Pickett, George
  • Piper, Daniel—Installed gutters and drain pipes at Paviliions I, IV, VI, VII
  • Pitt, Joseph—"Turner"
  • Pollock, John—Provided "waggonage" for "lumber" "hardware"
  • Porterfield, J.
  • Priddy, J.—Provided "nails"
  • Quinn, M.
  • Raggi, Michele—Ornamental stonemason, came from Italy)
  • Raggi, Giacomo—Ornamental stonemason, came from Italy)
  • Ramsey, William—"Lumber"
  • Raphael, Isaac
  • Richards,—"Lumber"
  • Roberts, N.
  • Rodes, John—"Lumber"
  • Rogers, J.
  • Rogers, M. G.—Provided "shingles"
  • Rutherford, Peter—Paid for batteaux transportation on the James River with William Megginson
  • Sabbaton, P. A.—"Window weights"
  • Sam—"Negro"
  • Sampson, John
  • Sandridge, Joseph—"Hiring of negroes"
  • Saunders, E. J.
  • Seckirk, William—Provided "laborers"
  • Sellers, Coleman—From Philadelphia firm of Sellers & Pennock, provides “hydraulion” (fire engine) and 200 ft of hose
  • Shiflett,
  • Shucy, Adam
  • Shuey, Jacob—"Wagonner" from Shenandoah Valley
  • Slaughter, J.
  • Smith, Andrew—Provides Boston Crown Glass and also provides Roman cement.
  • Smith, D.—"Laborer"
  • Spooner, George Wilson—"Lumber"
  • Sprouce, C.
  • Stewart, Archibald
  • Stone, Henry
  • Stone, James—Hauling timber
  • Stuart, A.—"Advertising"
  • Sturtevant, Phillip—Richmond artisan contracted to carve wooden composite capitals for Rotunda’s Dome Room, as well as 11 sets of wooden blinds.
  • Thacher, N.
  • Thorn, Abiah B.—"Stone work" "brickmason" from Philadelphia, worked on Pavilion VIII, hotels and Rotunda
  • Timberlake, William
  • Timberlake, W. T.
  • Van Lew, John and Co.—From Richmond, supplier of "hardware"
  • Vowles, John—Assisted Lawber as "painter" and "glazer" born in England
  • Wall, Henry—Wagoner for John Van Lew & Co.
  • Ware, Richard—From Philadelphia, worked as "brickmason" and as “carpenter", and was in charge of Pavilions II, IV, VI
  • Warwick, D. W.—Provided "nails"
  • Warrick, D.W. & C.—Smallest Richmond supplier contacted by University, provided various “sundries”
  • Watson, J.
  • Wells, J. C.
  • Wertenbaker, C.
  • Whister, A.
  • White, David—Plasterer, stucco and ornamental plastering
  • Widderfield, James W.—"Journeyman" and "carpenter"
  • Williams, A. C.
  • Willis
  • Willard, Simon—Of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Contracted to “build as good a clock as can be found in America” for the Rotunda on Jefferson specifications
  • Wilson, Samuel—Wagoner for John Van Lew & Co.
  • Winn, John and Co.—Provided "sheet iron"
  • Wood, John H.—Transported stone and rock
  • Wood, Warner—Albemarle County, provided "lumber"
  • Wren, Alfred—"Lumber"
  • Yancy, Joel
  • Zigler, A—“The pump man,” finishes installing water pipes in the Rotunda
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Angelo Glass said:
March 1, 2009 at 10:39 am

Planters in Virginia found it very profitable to sell their surplus slaves farther south. Angelo Glass

Mary Carlson said:
March 10, 2009 at 9:31 am

Besides James Dinsmore nd John Neilson, were any of these individuals involved in operations at Monticello?

Construction said:
March 30, 2009 at 1:24 pm

A very useful compilation indeed!!! Thanks for updating all the information.

puredeedlyjep said:
April 4, 2009 at 2:02 am

Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor :)

Ann Rader-Tate said:
June 3, 2009 at 4:04 pm

The Garths are ancestors of mine. Thomas was steward for Jefferson from 1776-1782. There is a book called The Garth Family 1734-1986, by Rosalie Edith Rogers Davis, which can give you more information about the Garths. They lived on the N. side of Charlottesville. Believe there are some Garths still in Charlottesville.

Gayle Miller said:
August 15, 2009 at 11:04 am

Temple Bailey was my ggggrandfather who is recorded in the census as living in Albemarle County in 1930,1840, and 1850. He married Dolly Smith in 1815 in Albemarle County and lived near Earlysville at one time. I do not know what his specialty might have been that he worked at UVA, but he was a farmer as far as I know.

Meg Klosko said:
November 7, 2009 at 2:54 pm

Is Isaacs, D.(listed abouve) David Isaacs? He was a local merchant who was know to have been an early “contributor” to the University.